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Revues internationales

Simulation-based model for optimizing quality inspection plans in industry: Real case study
C Mecheri, Y Ouazene, A Yalaoui, F Yalaoui, M Gruss, T Scaglia, International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology (En cours de révision)
Constant-resource cumulative-scheduling problem with jobs' minimum resource consumption to minimize total completion times
Nguyen, Nhan-Quy, Yalaoui, Farouk, (En cours de revision)
Identical Machine Scheduling Problem with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times: MILP Formulations Computational Study.
Yalaoui, Farouk and Nguyen, Nhan-Quy, American Journal of Operations Research 11.01 (2021): 15.
Workload Balancing on Identical Parallel Machines: Theoretical and Computational Analysis.
Ouazene, Yassine, Nguyen, Nhan-Quy, and Yalaoui, Farouk, Applied Sciences 11, no. 8 (2021): 3677.
Joint optimization of dynamic pricing and lot-sizing decisions with nonlinear demands: Theoretical and computational analysis.
Couzon, Paulin, Ouazene, Yassine, & Yalaoui, Farouk (2020), Computers & Operations Research, 115, 104862.
Industry 4.0: Revolution or Evolution?

Asadollahi-Yazdi, Elnaz, Couzon, Paulin, Nguyen, Nhan-Quy, Ouazene, Yassine, Yalaoui, Farouk (2020), American Journal of Operations Research, 10, 241-268.

Total completion time minimization for machine scheduling problem under time windows constraints with jobs' linear processing rate function

Nguyen, Nhan-Quy, Yalaoui, Farouk, Amodeo, Lionel, Chehade, Hicham, and Toggenburger, Pascal, Computers & Operations Research 90 (2018): 110-124.

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